COLOMIA COLOM NIAO adhering to the Spanish royal aristo…

COLOM NIAO COLOM NIAO is a model of the Spanish royal family, adhering to the royal family history of the heritage of the royal family of Spain as a noble and elegant, and superior quality and craftsmanship known, represents the unique history of Spain's dynasty, Europe One of the famous men-----

Summer wild sandals beautiful tide with stylish fashion

This site May 23 hearing, as a must-have item in the summer wardrobe, sandals have been brought into the streets of fashion, the trend of sandals this summer is still based on straps, wedges, rough with the main, easy to match can let Your legs are instantly stretched, and the details are importan-----

Wide heels also cause arthritis

When women wear high-heeled shoes with a pointed heel, they will not only make a "bang" noise, but also cause foot pain and some long-term damage. Past studies have demonstrated that narrow and pointed high-heeled shoes are harmful to the knee and can cause osteoarthritis. The main patho-----

Agate is more rare and fake agate is more

The word “agate” originated from the Buddhist scriptures and is one of the seven treasures of ancient times. It is a stone of longevity. Because of the beautiful texture, agate has been widely used, collected and worn as an ornament since ancient times. It can make people's-----

Publicity into the Alice's underwear fairyland Wond…

Victoria's Secret Since the launch of the fluorescent color underwear series, fashion shows have always brought a very beautiful visual shock. Whether it is fluorescent solid color, multi-color combination of neon colors, or full of youthful rainbow stripes, early spring underwear series are c-----

Pepe Jeans denim casual wear 2011 spring and summer new…

Concise and natural casual dress up in the fashion industry that is more and more esteemed with luxury style, it will perfectly integrate fashion charm into elegance. Pepe Jeans casual wear design uses bright, clear lines, exquisite detail changes and perfect craftsmanship to create a simple and st-----

Meishan costume interpretation of the unique charm of w…

The "MISUN" brand is translated into a passion for life, charming and full of sunshine. MISUN is committed to providing value-for-money apparel products to urban women aged 30-35, and to create a modern, elegant, romantic, sensual and rational image of women in simple and imaginative de-----