MARLOCA good investment in the spring, Chenzhou shop op…

In 2013, Man Luka will be a new year for Man Luka Women to expand its domestic market. The current card Chenzhou shop is preparing for opening, started the first shot after the Spring Festival in 2013. The headquarters will provide the store with professional shop space design, image design and pr-----

Karrina Spring 2013 bring you fun fashion stitching

Every woman should have their own style, has its own charm, simplicity, fashion, stitching femininity, all in Karina. Bright colors, stitching design, gentle and yet sexy, stunning snake pattern, wild fashion, women do not behave, Karina, let you be an alternative woman. This section thicker waterp-----

"rabbit hair" crystal

"Yellow Rabbit Hair" Crystal "Rabbit hair" crystal, as the name suggests, in the colorless and transparent crystal crystal, contains countless "rabbit hair" hair-like mineral collective. "Rabbit hair" crystal is a product image nam-----

Street style children dress must be bound between crazy…

Ben Wang, February 20 hearing, in order to effectively attract the attention of photographers, street Fan children dress must be clearly defined between crazy and fit. From the beginning to the end of the match, the red is sure to work, and the gigantic ballet skirts with ten inches of platform sh-----

TITI women's winter models are not behind the fashi…

TITI Womenswear Fall / Winter 2012 continuation of the previous confident, independent urban white-collar style, with design as the soul, based on product quality, such as men 's elegant neckline, cuffs and other design details, intellectual does not contrived, highlighting professional workpl-----

Non-tank men's sweater with you

Non-tank men, Chinese designer men's brand, by a group of extraordinary creative designers and funny young people howling together, regardless of identity, differences coexist, work together and create together; love free and fashionable way of life, Re-explore the new business model, try to ex-----

2013-02-21 Acrylic Tow Quotes Stable

Affected by higher prices of raw material acrylonitrile, external products such as acrylic fiber manufacturer's February tow and other common products were reported at US$2.6/kg (L/C90). Upside down was serious and imports were difficult to talk about. Buyers cautiously waited and watc-----