Italy PINKO Women's 2010 Winter New Catalog (2)

Pinko is a clothing brand that has emerged in Italy and is designed for young women. It has a vivid image and its strong development has become a fact of no doubt. The brand was formerly a manufacturer of high-grade ready-to-wear garments. Since the early 1980s, it has accumulated a wealth of exper-----

Zhuowei Le children's happy life by the beginning o…

Sogni Kids is the company's flagship children's wear brand targeting Hong Kong and the Mainland. Companies with international trends and domestic demand, design studio with the European design and development of products, has extensive experience in the brand management team, in order to us-----

Xu Xingcao He Yuan Expo?

At present, the Shanghai-based Folk Artists Association, the Jiading District Cultural Radio and TV Administration, the District Human Resources and the Office of the Bureau of Civil Affairs jointly organized and hosted the exhibition. The “Xu Xingbei” Yangtze River Delta Regio-----

Italian ladies PENNYBLACK: Shanghai's talk about fe…

Recently, the famous Italian women's brand PENNYBLACK is located in the elegant boutique of Shanghai ifc. The elegant beige color is wrapped in a boutique-style shop with a mirrored steel interior trimmed in a fitting, soft and gentle, as if another expression of modern women's intellectual-----

Preferred textile products for home textile products

At present, all kinds of home textile products on the market are dizzying, but some home textile products are full of harmful substances; some home textile products are too old. To choose the textile products that suit you, it depends on the characteristics of the products and personal preferenc-----

He Zhiyuan Compagna Women's Clothing Fall 2010 New …

Elegant ladies are popular, but not everyone in the designer's eyes is suitable. As a result, a group of clothing that showed freedom and artistic style was born in this season, which slightly satisfied the dream of some women wanting to be a smart lady. These creative clothes, presumably will -----

Choosing the same brand as the choice of the object Peu…

Select the brand as the object of choice, the key is "right", depends on the "quality" to see "content." The so-called "right" is the product style in the local market popularity, price and their target audience match. The so-called look at "quality"-----