Casual wear with a youthful look

This site on August 6 reported that during the Midsummer season, the annual summer holiday was again ushered in. In this worldly and rejuvenated Olympic season, a lively and youthful casual attire is particularly appropriate. It shows a lively and pretty gesture, and people can not help but immers-----

Easy slimming helps you to enjoy a summer

This site August 3 hearing, the summer heat, for a little flesh and blood for girls is a serious challenge, it is very important to master fat people dress and match law. Can not successfully lose meat, the perfect way to dress will be their final destination. Let Xiaobian recommend several super -----

Breguet Home Textiles: Summer sleep is “out of date 

The summer night is hot and humid, and many people can't sleep well. It is very uncomfortable to turn around on the bed. If you reduce your sleep time, you will often feel bad. In fact, summer sleep is on average one hour less than other seasons. Home textile top ten brands Baodi Home Texti-----

Apparel Industry Retail Enters Slow Growth

According to the statistics from the China National Business Information Center, the retail sales of the 100 key large retail enterprises in the first three quarters of 2011 increased at a faster rate than the same period of last year, while the retail sales in the fourth quarter increased-----

Polo shirt perfect match creates a casual and cool feel…

Ben Wang reported on July 27th that Polo shirts are more than just a collared T-shirt. In the men's fashion world, Polo is a natural and casual attitude to life between restraint and arbitrariness. Without losing personality, it is serious and solemn and reveals nature. Polo shirt style is sim-----

It is necessary to brush the "face" to see th…

On October 11th, the “FACE• Face” 2020 Fashion Show, exclusively presented by China's original light luxury designer brand YES BY YESIR, was launched on schedule at the Xintiandi Taiping Lake Park in Jinqiu Shanghai. This entrance to the magic card is lucky, the old 媳 å-----

Art marketization is not simply a sale of art

The rise of the Chinese art market is basically synchronized with the Chinese market economy. The "14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" proposed the development of a socialist market economy in 1992; after the Southern Tour, the "92 School" represent-----