Introduction to the maintenance of ice jade

Ice jade is a good thing, and many people will like this kind of jade when they buy jade, and they will feel that this type of jade is more attractive in terms of quality and other aspects. However, many people go home after purchasing this type of jade and do not know how-----

What is the new jade?

Guangdong Jinsiyu Exchange Conference has attracted the attention of many people. The prices are changing with each passing day, and the varieties are being updated. The “new jade species” appearing everywhere have made the collectors more and more confuse-----

How good is amber for the body?

Amber contains an ether oil that helps the blood circulation through the skin, treats pain and tension in the muscles and joints, wakes up, treats minor cuts, mosquito bites, and, in addition, because amber contains tiny amber particles. Contact with the skin to form a pro-----

Wear out to in sports style this summer will be Buy

Comfortable and lightweight sports bottom with cool and breathable sandals designed to free your feet from the sultry sneakers in summer. Simple T-shirts and denim can be paired with sporty sandals to lead a dynamic neutral sporty style. High street feeling super strong single product-----

2015 spring and summer women's trends: 3D decoratio…

In the spring and summer of 2015, 3D three-dimensional decorative elements appeared more and more frequently in fashion, and the methods were more diverse. Feather embroidered splicing, dense thread-sewing, gemstone beading, and other treatments that embody both craftsmanship and luxurious luxury a-----

New Fashion Icon Wu Yifan was originally a sneaker madm…

Ben Wang News July 9, the new generation of idol Wu Yifan became the top fashion magazine "Vogue" mainland version of the first cover actor, which is undoubtedly a very big attitude to his fashion. Wu Yifan after 90 is an out-and-out sneaker trainer. We can get a glimpse of one or two in-----

Yushan costumes anniversary celebration look forward to…

The ancients said: Taoism one, two life, two three, three things! In July, when all things grew, we ushered in the third anniversary of Yushan costume. In the past three years, we have nothing but special education. Thank you for your trust and support for Yanshan; touched and care for Yanshan; Th-----