Congratulations [Hai Jia Shi] franchisees to join, the …

Congratulations Haijia Shi brand discount ladies Shaodong store grand opening! Ms. Tang in Shaodong County, Hunan Province, chose Haijia Shi, which is mainly leisure-oriented, simple, elegant, soft and full of romance among many brand discount women's wear. A Haijia Shi discount brand women-----

MenSEye men's refined men perfect this build

MenSEye was founded in 1993 in Shenzhen, it is to capture the keen fashion of men, the deconstruction of popular trends, with a unique perspective to highlight personal taste. ● Business Series | FashionBusiness elegant, elegant style is the series of features. Suit suits, formal wear Sven sh-----

BLISS By Monique Lhuillier2013 still heartbeat

Monique Lhuillier 2013 BLISS series, simple style to the main, but inherits its beautiful silhouette, soft details, trying to make the bride to buy quality wedding. Let us enjoy this exciting picture! ORDRM® is a professional stainless steel Jewelry Findings wholesaler, we offer large selec-----

Mabuchi business and leisure men to create their own in…

MGB (Mabuchi) men's brand was founded in 1980, under the Hong Kong Wing Hang Garment Co., Ltd., China has become one of the most competitive men's wear brands. The product design of Fortezza del Campo has always been the top priority of the company and the source of the company. With dozens-----

Fall and winter 2012 Levi's continue to create a le…

Levi's jeans were first introduced and loved in 1873, the most successful, well-known and imitated apparel product in the history of apparel. After several generations of business efforts, Levi's jeans has deeply attracted fans of different ages, but also inspired their imagination, they of-----

Modern Lady: "The Beautiful Elf Flying Out of the …

Look at the streets of the major children's clothing store, fashion, personality, avant-garde children's clothing is like a reduced version of adult clothing, modern Miss children's clothing felt this, hoping to create a real girl can be elegant, sweet, temperament and other characteris-----

Discount boutique counters! Jiangnan people fur women!

With a new round of domestic market to re-shuffle the brand and market segmentation is not limited to breed, grade, further subdivision of the region, but also in the product style and consumer segments characterized by the depth of fine Minute. Mainly reflected in the horizontal subdivision of th-----