In August and October of this year, the good news came one after another at the "3rd (2011) China Brand and Communication Conference" and the 2011 CCTV China Annual Brand Announcement Ceremony and Release Ceremony. Hongdou respectively won the "2010-2011 Contribution Brand Award" As well as "CCTV China's annual brand." In 2011 Hongdou Group "Brand Year", red beans have rewarded a variety of brand awards, which is red beans self-transformation upgrade, and strive to brand blast after usher in the rapid take-off. Red beans as a core sub-project Hongdou image men, from the very beginning to shoulder the rise of the brand, the task of transformation and upgrading. Since 2008, "To build China's mainstream lifestyle" began its own brand restructuring tour, officially started from the production-oriented operation to create a shift, and to "love around red beans Men" as their own slogan, widely disseminated . After nearly three years of dissemination, the concept of "mainstream lifestyle" and "love around red beans" has been deeply rooted in the minds of many consumers and industries. The image of red beans is also rejuvenated in new opportunities for development. In the three years, the brand image of red bean has been actively and effectively explored in terms of brand promotion, channel expansion, operation and management capabilities and model innovation. In these quests, "Chinese men", "business model innovation" and "operation channel control" "Product quality improvement" is the most positive significance in recent years. Brand blasting interpretation of "Chinese man" As a more involved in the apparel industry, a national enterprise - Hongdou, in order to fully display its advocacy of "love" culture, in the continuation of the "love around, red bean clothing" brand concept appeal Earlier this year, they started a topic related to "Chinese men." They put the qualities of Chinese men on the table and accepted the comments of all Internet users. This immediately led to a big discussion. From the perspective of the entire industry, the entire apparel industry to more and more "brand" direction, of which the popular brand is, accounting for almost half of the garment industry. In the clothing style younger, casual, fashion is also more and more mainstream, becoming the most important choice for the public. 2011 is Hongdou Group's "Brand Year", with Hongdou Group Xuan Dini men's brand merged into Hongdou shares, the company formed a Xuan Dini, red beans men and Acacia three grades of men's brand, and focus Focus on the image of men with red beans. Not only that, the three brands also clearly defined their own position: Xuan Dini mainly located in high-end custom, red bean men mainly to establish a chain of monopoly channels, the Acacia brand positioning for the market, the three brand channels cross each other and complement each other to form Interactive "Brand Interchange." At the same time, the company will also promote the brand of men's wear from the "three degrees": First, the reputation will be in the advertising, branding up and down enough effort; Second, reputation, focus on service reputation, improve service quality and level; Third, loyalty, through members, careful management of customers, to attract customers the retention rate. Not only that, but also intensify efforts to crack down on counterfeit goods, maintain the brand image and market reputation, create a good market environment and promote brand promotion. January 24 this year, Hongdou through Tencent, Sohu and Tianya Forum and other online platform for a comprehensive collection of "Chinese men," the intrinsic characteristics of a week's exposure amounted to 800 million times as much by hundreds of millions of Internet users and sought after. As of May 2011, the data show that the entire web has more than 2.3 billion impressions and more than 3.2 million hits. After nearly two months of continuous exposure and release, the "Chinese man" trait was released with the support of hundreds of millions of Internet users. The top three rankings are: responsibility, restraint and strong, fully reflecting the "Chinese man" Unique mental outlook. In addition, all users also voted to vote for the best representative of the "Chinese man" - Hongxing Duan Yi Hong Wang, a spokesman for the men's red bean image, the success of the "Chinese man" this particular group was positioned and interpretation of the "Chinese man "Stand in the wind in the forest of the world. After the "Chinese men" contains content articles, leader articles and articles of the three quarters of the whole network interaction and high-frequency exposure, so that the majority of the industry friends and ordinary consumers to be aware of the next exhibitors China International Clothing & Accessories Fair , Duan Yihong and Zhu Xun, a well-known CCTV host attended the brand image of men's brand strategy summit, and one after another in Jinan, Shandong station, Changchun, Jilin, Henan, Henan and Guizhou Guiyang held a meeting of distributors and other activities, have red bean brand image of men's clothing - "red beans men love Chinese men" for a perfect, level interpretation. Let more people understand the culture of "Big Love" advocated by Hongdou and lead the mainstream of China's apparel industry through in-depth interpretation of "Chinese Men" and "Chinese Men's Clothing". Red beans from the "love around, red beans men" extracted "love" as the brand's deep core, and the concept of "Chinese men" as the carrier, the success of red beans men's new brand core. Through the launch of the brand appeal point of "Chinese men" in an all-round way and uplifting it to the family, work and even the national level, it has created a good brand image with the national image film and comprehensively promoted its concept of "love" culture. Such a promotion is not a negation of previous ideas, but rather an enhancement. It is an extension of "great love" and a sublimation. "The good marketing model is half successful." In recent years, the tide of marketing mode has become more and more intense with the constant innovation of the industry. The apparel industry also shows a very distinctive brand characteristics. Not only that, a variety of domestic and international business model, but also with the intensified competition and innovation: network marketing model, ITAT model, SPA brand model, etc., and some other industry marketing model has been introduced, making the garment industry has been Great development. Data show that the Chinese brands have now reached the stage of rise, but the international brands have now reached the stage of giant, in the country, the men's formal wear market has a volume of 3-5 billion, business casual wear volume of 10 -15 billion or so, sports and casual wear volume of about 30-60 billion, while similar to H & M, ZARA, UNIQLO as the representative of the fast fashion brand has exceeded 100 million body weight, this series of apparel companies Without exception, will be "model innovation" as their largest growth and expansion of capital. In this comparative advantage in the industry, the "model innovation" is the eyes of the influx of young people into the eyes of red bean. As an earlier company involved in apparel production, Hongdou has always had its own unique view on pattern innovation: trademark registration, shareholding system reform, listing and the strategy of "going global" in response to the national call, all highlight Hongzhu's unique insight into innovation . Not only that, in recent years, with the deepening of the transformation and upgrading of the horn, red beans has become a banner of transformation and upgrading, began the industry's professional, relatively diversified development in the traditional apparel industry has also taken the brand, specialization, The pace of industrialization, so that bright red beans in the industry frequently. Since September this year, Hongdou has officially launched a "full trusteeship model." Fully managed is such a model, which through the tripartite stakeholder division of labor: franchisees to provide funds, suppliers to provide products, the company unified operation and management. The red bean image of men's Jiangsu area manager said, "This will be red bean business model and operation mode of innovation," will also be red bean image of the future development trend of men and direction. On the one hand, the full custodian franchisee model can completely avoid unilateral operations, franchisees only need to invest in the necessary management fees, the operation and management is entirely by the company. On the other hand, suppliers can follow the unified plan of the company's product planning and approach the market, innovate on their own initiative, produce various marketable products, become passive and take the initiative Development, production "explosion models." Franchisee can play its advantages of having funds, suppliers can play their innovative products, improve the "explosive" soft power, and the company has strong brand resources, specialized terminal marketing staff, you can brand operation, daily Sales operations management, through the "uniform image, unified training, unified distribution, and unified management" and other "nine unification" will join the franchisee and suppliers are closely linked together, and ultimately through the three aspects of social resources Rational integration, mutual cooperation, to achieve win-win situation. Eleven Golden Week, the national celebration, the red bean image of men seize gold "holiday economy", have introduced more than 60 new stores, many of them Jixi, Heilongjiang and Liaoning North Town and some large stores. Jixi City, Heilongjiang City store is located downtown, two stores are double door, the two shops are close to three hundred square meters in area, and two stores opened at the same time, in the northern town of Liaoning, more than 300 square meters of large Shop, plus more than four thousand VIP members, to attract many consumers to buy. Close observation of these franchisees shop, all have more than 10 years of operating experience of other brands, these customers joined also formed a powerful demonstration effect, and achieved good results. Following the Jixi opened, a local area of ​​nearly 500 square meters of shops have entered the stage of decoration, will be the image of men's red bean stores the country's largest. In addition, Jixi double door has been started in Hebei to get a good promotion. As a result, the image of red bean men also issued a "big store to learn Jixi", "do marketing North Town," the slogan, but also get the favor of many franchisees. Customers have said that red beans as clothing has a history of more than 50 years, the rising men's brand, both in brand reputation, reputation and loyalty, as well as cultural leadership has other brands have incomparable advantages. Moreover, these basic work and cultural accumulation are not the result of a single day, they take a long time to accumulate, so that the accumulation of accumulated accumulation will form a powerful force to achieve gorgeous transformation and success. Three years of transition Red bean image of men's clothing has broken through the survival and competition stage, began to cross to the sustainable competition stage, this time in order to break through the bottleneck of various development, we must "brand model" for in-depth analysis and grasp of the brand Internalized as a sense of responsibility and mission. As a result, Hongdou proposed adhering to the idea of ​​"solving problems in development", guided by development, and established and nurtured high-quality stores as the principle, breaking through the path of previous development and fully exploiting the advantages of innovation so as to develop into a red bean man Winning new magic. In addition, with the growing number of consumers from the Internet, the importance of online channels is bound to become increasingly evident. It is estimated that the number of online shoppers in China will increase from 145 million in 2010 to 329 million in 2015, providing an excellent opportunity for the e-commerce business of our garment enterprises. So red beans homeopathic, opened in 2008 from the e-commerce construction, one after another in last year and this year to participate in "double eleven" activities, have made great achievements, for the future development of a great deal of confidence; but red beans not only meet This result, this year, Hongdou has already started "Red Bean Shopping Mall" platform, I believe that with the strong production capacity, efficient logistics system with the mall will gradually become another growth pole of red beans. Since the beginning of the transition in 2008, Hongdadu invited many domestic and foreign professional designers, including Zhao Yufeng, the top ten fashion designer in China, Lian Heshan, a famous Korean designer, and many other experienced and talented international designers to form a powerful team R & D team. This international design team inherits the original brand style of red beans and incorporates new elements from an international perspective to create an elegant and fashionable image. At the same time, red beans also introduced from Italy who served the world's top clothing brand, "the father of modern suits," said Mr. Antonio Montaldo as a version of the craft division, to ensure that the entire clothing version of the type Fashion, young. At the same time, the company is planning to build its own version of the center, by then, the better version of type, excellent quality, rich style of the perfect combination will give customers more surprises. Not only this, this year, the company also introduced from Japan's leading international master of product planning - Mrs. Kitayama, under her leadership, with many years of practical experience in business masters together, founded the product planning team, from the product market Research began, the entire product fabric planning, product design and development to product proofing and production, and ultimately the sale of all conducted a comprehensive control, coupled with the calendar year sales data rigorous calculations, as well as trends and market trends Effective grasp of the products we have developed to ensure the best meet the needs of the market and customers, while leading the forefront of domestic fashion fashion. As the first Chinese apparel industry through the "five-star service certification" business, red bean phenomenon men not only in the development of adequate articles, will also be extended to the production and sale, the quality of red beans as the lifeline of work, with reference to domestic and foreign Advanced quality management standards and rules, the introduction of international advanced digital production management system, developed a set of strict quality management and scientific standardized management system. In addition, a vigorous "Sword Campaign" started in May this year, pointing out that in the future "all red bean men will be affixed with anti-counterfeit labels, if not affixed with anti-counterfeit labels shall be regarded as counterfeit products." Such a "Sword Action "has received good results, but also beneficial to safeguard the interests of consumers. Not only that, in October this year, red beans in the Chinese Museum of building a new foundation on an area of ​​3,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 300 fabric manufacturers red bean fabric Museum. Red Bean Fabric Museum will be based on procurement needs of product categories, recruitment of a suitable proportion of high-quality suppliers into the exhibition, long-term and stable business docking, build mutually beneficial win-win, efficient and convenient marketing channel. This will, to a large extent, ensure the effectiveness of "advance booking cycles, lower purchasing costs, ensure delivery lead times and improve linkage mechanisms." In 2011, as the brand year of Hongdou Group, Hongdou shares has been actively explored as an important enterprise for the expansion of "apparel brand". This year, Hongdou shares made a positive transformation around brand support. In order to further enhance innovation capability, Zhou Haijiang, president of Hongdou Group, proposed to achieve a new breakthrough in the shares of Hongdou through the promotion of the five major aspects of brand, talent, industrial chain, high performance and performance. Enhance the brand. The brand has always been the focus of the Hongdou Group, and the brand is crucial from the group's various plans, developments and visions. Zhou Haijiang said that as a benchmark for the group's brand building, Hongdou shares first of all need to have a very clear brand positioning, and should focus on visibility, reputation and loyalty in all three aspects of comprehensive development and promote brand promotion. Enhance the professional level of personnel. Talent is the driving force for the development of enterprises, red bean has always focused on the building of qualified personnel, especially the construction of specialized personnel. The newly established Hong Dou University, as well as the Group's "100 billion red beans, 100 projects" are all positive expressions. In specialized personnel, Hong Dou will focus on creating "three teams": the manager, management personnel and design talent. Enhance the industrial chain. Because the garment industry is a highly marketized industry, accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, garment enterprises need to constantly speed up the adjustment of the bureau and optimize the product structure. From the horizontal development and vertical extension to further enhance the level of the entire garment industry chain. Promote high performance management. We will continue to promote on-site management, strategic management, QC team and process management. We will further deepen the "Three Management" - on-site management, research and development management and customer relationship management to comprehensively enhance the management of enterprises and greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Improve performance. To enhance the performance of single store by improving the performance of single store to enhance the profitability of the share, stronger and bigger network sales, do a good job in the group buy business, strengthen research and development departments of the assessment efforts and innovative business models and other rights to enhance performance. From 2008 to create "the mainstream of China's lifestyle" to 2011 "red men's clothing · love · Chinese man", red bean man image has been from a "builder" has gradually become a "leader." Three years of efforts, the image of men's red bean either in brand building or channel development have achieved leaps and bounds, showing an unlimited market tension. Red beans determined to red bean man image to create the first Chinese men's cultural brand, I believe through the "love" culture innovation and promotion, together with all the red beans together, red bean man will certainly have greater development.

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