Farewell to the joy of a beautiful summer vacation, is about to usher in a colorful campus life. Opening quarter, for new clothes. How can I make my baby feel refreshed when they return to school? With the companion of BENI BEAR, let the baby shine no matter when they are. Bright and beautiful color collisions, have a strong visual impact. Bow tie and harness with the clever little accessories, showing the grace of shares of small gentleman, instant grabbing everyone's attention. Chic flounced collar, ruched low waist line design reflects the self-cultivation effect, pure cotton texture to bring light and comfortable wearing feeling. Beautiful colors make it easier for babies to stand out from the crowds on the day of school. Delicate small fine shirt with bright self-cultivation trousers, bright bow tie and belt color echo, played the role of finishing touch, instantly enhance the sense of noble fashion, the immediate brightest. College wind is the eternal seasons of the popular theme. Fresh and light blue knit sweater to take a small round neck shirt, was clever and clever, with the body skirt is to create a lighter light sense of intelligence. More new autumn and winter fashion products BENI BEAR store, welcome into the store consulting.

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