Underwear and direct contact with the most intimate parts of the human body, its importance is self-evident, for women is the top priority. So women must know how to choose underwear, so women in the end how to choose underwear? Liang Jing underwear introduced women choose underwear eight techniques, we can refer to the reference.


1, a good underwear allows you to look very sexy people

Never underestimate the impact of underwear on self-confidence. A good panties can make you look very sexy, and therefore get the beauty from the inside out.

2, try to choose seamless underwear

Try to choose seamless underwear, so that others will not see the so-called underwear traces from the outside.

3, comfort is very important

When choosing underwear, "comfort" is more than "sexy lines" the primary consideration.

4, to be consistent with their own body

Underwear should be consistent with your body, do not turn themselves into bundled dumplings.

5, do not feel hot or alternative panties.

6, sexy underwear can be worn every day

Sexy underwear should not only be used in special occasions, it should be worn every day.

7, to maintain the overall image of the most important

Never forget that underwear is an integral and integral part of the overall image.

8, menstrual choose cotton texture breathable good underwear.

Female physiological period should try to choose cotton underwear, should not choose too tight or airtight material underwear.

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