Speaking of color, Xiaobian feel every season in the pursuit of fashion, and fashion is the color of the important, this year Xiaobian feel more popular high-grade gray, but the classic color is not less, classic story women's beige woolen coat style with , It is a single product to be defeated in autumn and winter, take a look at with it.


Camel woolen coat with, the color of the camel This is the color of the woolen coats, if you do not choose the natural will be someone to choose, but with the effect is very good Oh, the classic story of women camel coat style, knee length with brown knit sweater, Lower body with white wide leg pants, full of charm Oh, goddess who quickly dress it up.

驼色呢子大衣搭配什么颜色内搭 驼色大衣搭配

Camel woolen coat can also be used with turquoise, the color feels very elegant, but this color is also relatively small, lace dress style can be very feminine, with camel woolen coat, looking at the mix is ​​very beautiful, If you look good, then move on to the classic story ladies look, try a variety of colors.

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