Winter festivals Xiaobian feel quite a lot, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Day and other festivals, these festivals are very festive, wear naturally have to choose a little festive color slightly, the winter season we are generally Mainly warm, Xiao Bian recommend you a very affordable fashion children's clothing brand, 1 +2 = 3 children wear winter holiday wear. Winter, we should consider the warm, but warm is also the need for fashion, rose red, this color is a color the girls defeat, dazzling and patience, rose with white small turtleneck knit sweater, lower body with black leggings , This warm is not very good? But also fit the holiday wear, coupled with a hat and a little more warmth. Red down jacket style, big red we all know the festive color, the color of the down jacket if it is pure color system may feel no features, but 1 +2 = 3 children's wear red jacket is spliced ​​black hem, stitching the obvious shape with Leggings can be, take a black sweater is very wild. Cheap children's clothing also has a sense of fashion, moms quickly buy it.

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