With a new round of domestic market to re-shuffle the brand and market segmentation is not limited to breed, grade, further subdivision of the region, but also in the product style and consumer segments characterized by the depth of fine Minute. Mainly reflected in the horizontal subdivision of the brand in the market, that is, the same variety or the same level of product layer through the "product style" and "consumer group" horizontal subdivision. The market is flattened and the number of brands occupying various market positions will be diluted. Autumn and winter 2011, Jiangnan brand women's clothing carefully looking for all kinds of flavor full of atmosphere, into a full-fledged female images, or fresh, or sweet, or romantic, or elegant ... Interpretation of colorful feminine style, but also outline Each woman's perfect imagination for all kinds of characters. It can be seen that the competition focus of the new round of segmentation is "culture", "innovation" and "research and development" with the ultimate goal of "sales revenue" and "market share". The sword of "differentiation" Sharp, lack of investment in science and technology and blind market research and development in the face of market opportunities and challenges will be very dangerous. As international brands join the competition team, subdivision has also become an objective requirement for the survival and development of national brands. The current sportswear market, fashion casual wear market competition has clearly demonstrated the "shuffle" and market segmentation signs. This round of segmentation not only provides a rare opportunity for the survival and development of the brand, but also creates conditions for the development of multi-brand enterprises. Now joining the Jiangnan people: low discount, low price 1-1.5 fold, special supply, free franchise fee, free margin, zero inventory, 100% replacement, to reduce your worries.


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