Baiji Peas children's fashion, leisure, to 3-12 year-old children as the main consumer object, the pursuit of fresh and elegant, blend European pastoral style and aristocratic atmosphere. Fashion, international fashion style. Style material comfort, environmental protection, health, interpretation of personalized children's fashion, to bring the children a new philosophy of life. Baidi Peas new arrival of children's clothing cool summer Fujian Garment Co., Ltd. Haoya Baiji Peas brand basic development route is: the brand strategy as the center, product design and technology development as the core motivation to enhance productivity and quality assurance for the logistics Based on the comprehensive optimization of standardized operation flow, improve the internal management system, in order to improve market share and brand extension for the purpose of creative marketing strategy adjustment, and steadily expand the product market, optimize the marketing network, improve brand awareness and customer satisfaction for a comprehensive Brand strategy laid the foundation for the implementation. Baidi Peas new arrival of children cool Summer Xia Baidi Peas brand is committed to providing quality children's wear, fashion simple and humane design, the European trend with the actual combination of the Chinese market, highlighting the fashion, leisure, comfort, playful design Style and very competitive prices. "Dressing up a happy child and beautifying the entire world for every family" is our goal and vision. With the care and support from all walks of life, through the unremitting efforts of all the staff, Baiji Peas takes the market as the quality, develops with the service, takes the brand strategy as the center, endeavors to create and enhance the brand and make progress toward the first place.

We use high mountain borosilicate glass, high purity glass, safe and durable, cold and heat shock resistance, all kinds of product design concise, generous, convenient and compact, bring users a feeling of comfortable and gentle warmth, generally applicable to living rooms, restaurants, study, bedrooms and other environments, because of its compact and flexible, beautiful appearance and atmosphere, soft lighting. It does not hurt the eyes, is durable, does not fade, so it can naturally integrate into the space, can create a sense of texture, easy encirclement.
Different colors, a variety of choices, we pay attention to the quality of the product, but also pay attention to the user experience of consumers, only convenient, easy-to-use bottles, can be truly accepted and loved.

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