This site May 29 hearing, ST & SAT women's shoes have a synonym for fashion, avant-garde, popular, one of China's famous women's shoes brand. With its exquisite craftsmanship and the idea of ​​pursuing novelty, comfort, simplicity and beauty, it is deeply loved by Office white-collar workers, civil servants and urban beauty. ST&SAT women's shoes launched a casual and comfortable series of shoes in the casual May and put it on vacation with your dear TA.

Spring is going for a ride, summer vacations, surfing, high heels are no longer suitable, and thick-soled, slope-heeled or low-heeled shoes will appeal to your youthful looks. Without too much modification, use the simplest, most comfortable and stylish, just to feel leisure at this moment of leisure... to IN's new fashion, let your vacation flies leisurely and comfortable.

Thick-bottom slope with colorblock wedge heel sandals: refreshing green, dominated by cool shades

Thick-bottomed slopes and colourblocked wedge heel sandals: fresh green, mainly in cool tones to create a refreshing and refreshing feeling, revealing a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere that brings refreshing feel in summer.

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