Under the management of Zhejiang Xuanhao Garments Co., Ltd., "I'HAPPY Haibai" brand apparel is favored by young intellectual consumers since its launch nine years ago and has rapidly grown into an outstanding representative of the brand new generation in the short term. As of the end of 2010, "I'HAPPY Haibei" has opened more than 800 specialty stores in China's inland areas, which once again consolidated its position as a women's fashion manufacturer.

海贝女装 - I`HAPPY

Agents or franchisees selection criteria Standard 1 - Personality Positive, cheerful, love clothing, keen on fashion, the pursuit of their own to work hard and devoted themselves; good at learning, willing to participate in various types of training.
The standard 2 - business ability can devote oneself into the operation wholeheartedly, have certain market acumen, and can react according to the situation at any time in time.
Standard 3 - social relations in the local (business, government agencies, shopping malls, etc.) have better social relations, can properly handle the business process of the unexpected problems.
Standard 4 - The financial position can independently invest all costs (personal best), and can assume a certain investment risk.

Types of agents The province's total agent, municipalities directly under the central government, provincial agency, prefecture-level city agency, county-level city agency shop standards
A store location: should be located in the high-end clothing boutiques Street (womens Monopoly Street is better) prime location, 100 meters away from the first sign of the words can be clearly seen; 300 meters away from the door can clearly see the appearance.
Area: 5 meters above the width of 10-12 meters in depth, 4 meters height is the best, the general city in more than 50 square meters.
B shop counters or store location: less than two local shopping malls less ladies area, the escalator adjacent cabinet is better, you can do more than 2.6 meters above the wall of the edge of the hall for the best; for Nakajima location with a 2.6 More than a meter high wall, one side can do more than 1.5 meters low wall is better.
Area: 30 square meters or more, after special instructions may be requested.
Join advantage
1, to provide a full range of market research, to provide a unified store design;
2, to provide professional business model, to provide exclusive brand rights granted;
3, to provide systematic training services, providing a rich and stable supply of goods;
4, to provide efficient marketing plan, to provide a wide range of professional website publicity.

Our dyed cotton fabric has various weaving styles, most popular patterns are like cotton twill, cotton shirts, cotton plain, cotton canvas and cotton sateen fabric etc. Those fabrics are widely used for leisure wear, uniforms and textile craft products in global market. We supply environmental dyeing Cotton Plain Fabric with 100 natural material. Our cotton plain fabric has been always an ideal type for clothes made and textile crafts products in global market for long times.
Dyeing fabric style: 1/1 plain weaving including voile, lawn, poplin, sheeting.
Our dyeing fabric weight: 65gsm to 260gsm.
Yarn count:10s to 80s single yarn or double.
Cotton fabric width: from 45" to 70", regular width is 57/8"
Weaving loom: rapier loom and rapier loom.
Dyeing method: Continuous dyeing.
Dyestuffs: Environmental reactive dyes or vat dyes.
Cotton plain Fabric feature: comfortable, breathable, Anti-pilling, anti-static.
Quality control: AATCC, ISO, China Standard.

Orders for our regular item and special construction are acceptable. Small quantity is acceptable with some additional charges.

Cotton Plain Fabric

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