At present, there are many types of fabrics used as sofa covers, such as cotton, linen and cashmere.

Among them, cotton material is the most widely used type in the market. Consumers should first touch it when they choose it. The hand feels soft and thick and the thickness is good. Secondly, the flower pattern should be three-dimensional and natural, and the color is even and soft. The thread of the burning fabric can be turned into ash and has no good quality.

The advantage of the natural ingredients of the linen is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, high in grade, and can be completely removed and washed. Since the shrinkage rate of the linen is very high, it is necessary to ask whether the fabric has been soaked for a long time and is pre-shrinked.

The furniture made of flannel fabric is expensive, but its gloss is good and the hand feels comfortable. It is best to touch it with your hands when you buy it. It is gentle and smooth, and has a satin and delicate texture.

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