Red Line As FILA launched its new sports series in 2015, it combines fashion and comfort with elegance and enthusiasm. Designers boldly use the high-tech “Poly Memory Span” to remember stretch fabrics and “Poly Span Icefil” ice-inspired fabrics for breathability. , fast dry, in every detail are dedicated to meet the appeal of sports fans.

This season's products also won the favor of the goddess Shu Qi and the male god Lee Min Ho. The joint deduction of the two spokespersons adds a touch of vitality and color to the Red Line sports series.

The blue sea, the boy in the wind. Numerous embarrassing elements, casual woven jackets, both wind and UV. Stand on the edge of the sailboat, feel free to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

For leisure time, it is better to choose several good partners to exercise together. Vibrant blue with youthful vitality reflects the bright springtime. Don't forget to choose a functional sweater that can be kept warm for a long time and dry quickly. Enjoy and enjoy the sunshine.

For a good time in the blue skies, you may wish to soothe your muscles first and release them to accumulate a cold and dry winter. You can wear a long-sleeved lady's cotton knitted jacket, stretch fabric and thermal pressure technology to comfortably enjoy the pleasure of exercise.

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