This spring Manya slave is always full of rich natural color, fresh color, elegant skirt, simple and comfortable lines, romantic colors, exquisite detail, rigorous structure, the quietly elegant swan with a unique Design language to explain.


Bright red rose gives you a more dazzling performance, elegant swan decoration for this knit simple but not simple! Long hot umbrella skirt on the rich swan scribble and wave point decoration presents a richer change, the whole body with pondering still can not cover the elegant temperament!

【曼娅奴新品】提升衣Q 天鹅元素让优雅多一点

The same series of elegant dress selection Slim was thin classic X version, interesting swan and wave point in the black fabric is particularly colorful, seven-sleeve design is also very suitable for the first warm spring cold!

【曼娅奴新品】提升衣Q 天鹅元素让优雅多一点

Short paragraph rose red sweater with classic Check nine pants, simple neat spring travel look is so simple! Naughty Swan decoration bring more fun, rose red eyes, black classic! Which one do you prefer?

【曼娅奴新品】提升衣Q 天鹅元素让优雅多一点

Interesting swan with striped also distinctive! Black and white striped classic and swan pondering at the moment so harmonious, simple cut profile also let it enough wild!

Christmas Decoration Embroidery Fabric

Do you want you christmas party to look different? May this Bead And Pearl Embroidery Fabric will help you a lot.

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Pearl Embroidery Fabric

The composition of these kind of pearl embroidery fabric is 100% polyester.And it's in soft handfeeling and good quality.Also it could be made to children dress .evening party dress and garment dress etc

Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.

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