After early autumn, the temperature will be a little lower, and there will be a small change in our dressing. Although we do not have to wear thick jackets now, a little knit is still needed. So, how do we wear clothes in the fall? Now please, " Man Man " Women take us to see.


Light yellow knit jacket, a short version of the version, after the connection between the upper and lower body, but there exposed Lu na, a little sexy just right. However, with a yellow shirt on the white pants, the color of the impact, who conquered who? One of the fashion beauty, only the wearer knows it.

2015早秋季服装搭配 早秋就要这样穿

A touch of color, you can always calm down to see the outside world, quietly listening to the early autumn buzzing. A dress, with a white spinning to join, in an instant to have a fair fan. In the dress, and then with a knit pullover, warm fashion like it?

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