Wearing a delicate jade bracelet, it looks feminine, gentle, generous and elegant. There is also a safe and auspicious meaning of jade. The price has always been high. When choosing jade, it is more cautious. You may have experienced two bracelets touching each other, or using an agate stick to beat the jade to see if the sound is crisp to judge whether it is natural jade. In fact, this limitation is very large. For a general buyer without certain experience, there is nothing at all.

Below, the point of the jewelry is the reason, not all the jade sounds that have been treated are boring, the B-loaded goods and some C-loaded sounds are not abnormal, but some A goods are also thicker due to the texture. It will sound boring, so it cannot be generalized.

And boring is not a quantifiable standard. Everyone's feelings are different, and if you don't touch them often, you won't feel how boring is so crisp, and there is no difference. Therefore, listening to the sound can only be used as an aid, but it should never be measured as a main criterion.

Misunderstanding 2: Heat in hot water to identify if jade is dyed.

This method is very unacceptable, because I have seen people who have doubts about the consequences of using the hot water to cause a dispute, which is a troublesome problem.

Explain why you can't boil. C goods are not colored floating on the surface of the jade. The coloring agent has entered the interior of the jade along the gap of the particles and is relatively stable. The hot water soaking will not change the color, but may cause damage to the jade, so don't try it easily.

Misunderstanding 3: Whether it is jade by whether it is green or not.

Everyone may have heard of Cui Shou said that Cui is also a "flies", but don't use this as a criterion for judging jade. It can only be said that there is a lot of jade, but it does not mean that it is not. The emeralds with obvious emeralds are generally thicker, so that the greens will be visible to the naked eye. However, the jadeite, which is especially delicate and delicate, can not be seen even under the microscope. This does not prove that he is not jade. There is evidence to prove that nothing can be proved.

Misunderstanding 4: Use jadeite to draw glass or use hard objects to draw jade.

First of all, if he is jade, then everything is fine. If not, you can only bear the damage if you damage others. This kind of damage identification is not recommended. And many jade hardness is larger than glass, not the only jade that can draw glass.

Some friends may think that B goods because of glue injection, so the hardness will be low, this is actually wrong, the truth is the same as hot water heating C goods, the glue is inside, not on the surface, so the surface hardness will not be much Change, and some rubber hardness is not low, not the kind of soft glue that everyone imagines.

To sum up, all damages are not recommended. If it is A, it will be very happy. If it is not facing the possibility of compensation, it will be very troublesome. After all, the destructive identification method can easily lose people's goods. I hope that everyone should still be identified through other scientific methods.

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