Autumn has arrived, men can prepare your fashion outfit, if you do not know how to match yourself, then take a look Xiaobian advice it, Xiaobian recommended KIR men's shirt a single product, the shirt is there every season Of course, the autumn shirt is more suitable for long-sleeved, KIR men's two long-sleeved shirt with a white shirt and plaid shirt how to match. White shirt with that say boys or girls have to have a white shirt in order to look exquisite, then if it is a boy wearing a white shirt with a bad feeling will be particularly genuine, very unpleasant, but add a little personality on the white shirt The embellishment is completely different, coupled with a slacks, that is, to show the body, but also very handsome. Plaid shirt style, boys do not wear too much gas in the shirt, just like a common color, plaid elements must have two colors to be formed, can be bright + light-colored or deep Color + bright color with such a match, coupled with black slacks can also be displayed with men's suits men's taste.


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