With the advancement of the automotive industry, more and more plastics are being applied to automobiles. With the series of requirements for safety, environmental protection and energy saving of automobiles, we are in urgent need of high-quality plastic materials with comprehensive performance; Plastic parts are also used more and more widely; for example: insurance 扛, instrument panel, fuel tank, steering wheel, interior parts, etc.

The proportion of the top 7 plastics in the plastics for vehicles is roughly the same:

Polypropylene: 21%
Polyurethane: 19.6%
Polyvinyl chloride: 12.2%
Thermoset composite: 10.4%
ABS: 8%
Nylon: 7.8%
Polyethylene: 6%
In 2005, the average usage per car was about 130KG. The production plan was about 5.075 million.

Tpr Sole is the same kind of sole made of the same raw material. It's called TPR, but its name is different

TPR sole is a kind of polymer material which is blended and modified by thermoplastic elastomer SBS and other functional aids. It is processed by extrusion, injection molding and molding, and then formed. It has the advantages of antiskid, low temperature resistance, strong bending, good air permeability, small density and strong bonding strength

Tpr Sole

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