With the change of people's aesthetic concept, most of the new generation of men will like the full type of girls. Bone-sense women will be more eye-catching, but full-bodied girls are more lovely and feminine. But in fact, no matter what body, confident woman will always be the most beautiful. Here is for everyone to introduce two little fat girls dress, so you find confidence.


Women who have good clothes must be full of confidence in their own body. Good material is a good choice of style standards. This short-sleeved lace skirt upscale fabric design, comfortable and soft, it looks very good. Exquisite white woven flowers, hollow design, fashionable novel. Waist version of the type, outlined the curve of the waist, lofted Alice, the absolute charming.

胖女生更受欢迎  高档蕾丝印花裙增加自信

Gentle floral print dress, and summer flowers blend, set off a woman's love of literature and art. Unspoken small floral, very pastoral style, simple style, very textured fabrics, personal comfort. Golden waist chain embellished the whole, but also very good modification of the waist curve, with a pair of high heels, full of charm.

Picture comes from: Joe silk women

Our Bike Chain Protector is consist of 3mm Neoprene and  hook and loop.

High quality neoprene is soft, waterproof and washable and can effectively protect bicycle frame and paint from damage for a long time.

Common size is 120*250mm, size, color, logo can be customized.

All of our Bicycle Chain Frame Protector have passed RoHS & SGS, and use environmental protection raw material to dye, conform to the European environmental protection standards.

MOQ is 1000PCS.

Bike Chain Protector

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