The arrival of early summer, you want to wear easily without losing the fashion taste, half blouse is a good choice, it does not have the burden of long dress, it will not be as short as a stooped embarrassment.

Figure: Yushan women's 2014 early summer new products

Locke style, the first paragraph after the long irregular version, in the hip position with lantern cover design, clever waist abdomen belly belly and fat, with bright yellow leggings, do not worry about the early summer when the weather brought rain Temperature changes.

初夏时节女装怎么搭配最舒适 颜色怎么选择比较好

Figure: Yushan women's 2014 early summer new products

Fashion trend, of course, can not be less stripes existence of the hollow design of the shoulder increased the sexy taste and clothes hanging vertical texture irregular cut custom, grass green leggings with is earned for you The same rate of return.

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