The new day symbolizes the new beginning. The birth of a new store symbolizes the vitality of the headquarters. Warm congratulations Tong Xinge manhole Chung stores opened their doors, business is booming, rolling in money! Thanks to the franchisee Tongxinge trust and support, have you join Tongxinge stronger. Believe in our joint efforts, can bring greater performance, also can let our branch all over the country.


Red, white and blue balloons staggered want a warm, pleasant, Tong Xinge interpretation of women's lady-like spiritual content! Out of the shop overflowing with flowers, with gold "clothes" package, to every customer talk with the joy of shop. Elegant and dignified clothing store illuminated by bright lights, people want to see their style.



Simple and generous design of the store to customers to create a comfortable shopping environment, the use of wooden decoration more to bring customers the taste of nature. Neatly placed styles of clothing for the MM who choose, there is always one you like. Tong Xinge into the current trend of elements and clever combination of colors to create elegant and generous, simple and stylish women's.

New store opened, there are more gifts courtesy oh! Shajing Songgang friends quickly to buy it! Xiaobian hereby congratulate the new store opened again, barley barley!

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