The dawn is getting earlier and earlier, and the daytime is getting longer and longer, so the hot summer is really coming. Summer is more like a young boy, hot sun is like their brilliant performance, the burst of hot air is their breath of youth, so strong, so publicity. Summer is every woman to highlight the best of their own body, then this summer let Sijia Yi Women , to show you the elegant charm of mature women right.

司嘉仪 - sceayi

Black dress is always able to add a layer of mystery for you, always unconsciously been attracted, who are all vegetable patterns, neatly arranged to give you a lot of playful and cute, thin and elegant black Vest skirt, can certainly bring you more charm.

司嘉仪女装 展现成熟女性优雅魅力

Dark purple wear on the girls will look a little weird, but mature women wearing dark purple but can have a different fashion sense, inside the black and white striped vest with a layer of purple veil outside, short before and after the long irregular skirt Put, make you more elegant.

Secretary Jiali dresses, let you release themselves this summer, to show the most beautiful yourself.

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