This year, the new warping machine of Jiangyin Youbang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved a good sales performance. The monthly output is maintained at about 15 to 16 units. It is understood that at present, the new type of silk warping machine independently developed by Youbang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. combined with customer needs has an 80% market share in Zhejiang Pazhou, providing strong technical support for the silk and tie weaving industry; the company's industrial fabrics are used exclusively. The warping machine has reached 90% of the market share in the Zhejiang Tiantai market. This door width is also widely used in the home textile industry from 2800 mm to 4200 mm.

According to the person in charge of the company, currently AIA has set up offices in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Northeast, and Northwest China. The company's silk and industrial cloth warping machines are exported to South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. In May this year, Anhui Huangshan Lianqiang Textile Co., Ltd. ordered one-time orders for 12 units of AIA.

It is understood that in recent years, AIA researchers have carried out large-scale updating of the original warping machine equipment, and independently developed advanced intelligent, electronic, digital sectional warping machines, parallel compression and loose points. Batch refining machine, sizing and combined machine and other products, these products are more refined and coordinated, reliability and durability are greatly enhanced.

The GA628 series of new high-speed slitting warping machines of UFIDA is the latest product developed by the main designers of GA628 sub-warping unit of the former National Eight-Year Technology Research Project based on more than ten years of design and manufacturing experience. This product refers to the current international performance characteristics of similar products, the electrical control system, tension control system, warping transmission mechanism, displacement drive brake, etc. have made great improvements, product performance has reached the international advanced level, can completely replace imported products.

GA688 intelligent sectional warping machine uses Japan (Panasonic) servo motor, driver, 10.4-inch color touch screen (Taiwan) and other high-end electronic components, can enter the fabric process into the computer, automatically complete the complex calculation, automatic detection process, it's Warping station displacement accuracy is more accurate and truly intelligent. The machine's inverted shaft tension realizes closed-loop control. The tension of the inner and outer rings can be arbitrarily set. The large screen of the aircraft adopts a touch screen, which has the advantages of clear display, large amount of information, and easy operation. At the same time, it also has a full range of fault diagnosis display and warping status display functions for electricity, liquid and gas.

In addition, the GA688 intelligent sectional warping machine adopts a reliable and complete disc brake for automobiles. It has the characteristics of large braking torque, sensitive and reliable, and its inverted shaft tension damping is controlled by an independent Japanese SMC closed-loop pneumatic system. The effective control of the reversing axial force enables the warping station to move automatically by the increase of the yarn thickness.

The intelligent sectional warping machine is controlled by an independent imported stepper motor, and the fixed width 保持 is kept at an equal distance from the forming yarn surface, and can be set arbitrarily according to the process requirements. The integral shaft-reversing device of the GA688 intelligent sectional warping machine can adapt to a large shaft tension. Its 1..10 fixed cone drum is made of thin-walled steel with a cone length of 1320 mm. It is used in conjunction with the high-precision servomotor motor warping station to meet the warping process for all varieties. GA688 intelligent sectional warping machine is equipped with various forms of creel, which can meet the process requirements of different varieties. The number of spindles can also be configured according to user needs.

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