By the Luo Zhi Xiang endorsement of the Tatsu casual wear and early 2012 successfully entered Jiaxing Guoshang Mansion, Chengdu R & F Tianyi and other shopping malls, the mall invites the company settled in the spring of 2012 a win-win cooperation! The company would like to find the right to join the local or agency clients to develop, the intention of the customer and please contact the company! A full of oriental-color denim brand, creation belongs to the Chinese denim wave, the extreme appearance and conversion of Chinese images, the jeans of the Western trend of the product and the Eastern art closely, a symbol of a pursuit of self-nation, advocating nature, integration trend Of the influx of people is born, we will call the Tattoo artist Datuk people will be the simple tannins correspond to the four inventions of China's "paper", and to the light of the texture of rice paper for inspiration, pressure, wrinkles, Laminated, stitching different materials and other ancient handmade paper techniques, a complete engraved in the denim cloth washing technology, in addition to widely popular in the world of ink painting and calligraphy painting and classical Chinese ink painting style used in the paint, rendering the jeans On the system, the kind of fleeting, unpredictable color wash to show different color differences in personality traits, DaDa people use a lot of Chinese symbols of the dragon, tiger animal totem and the Chinese Lingnan School flowers, birds, months , Pine, the wind vividly embroidered with Dannin cloth in the exquisite, ink Tatsu people with complicated washing techniques and meticulous embroidery method through each delicate handmade tannin cloth Turned into a very dynamic oriental cowboy wave.

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