Angry Birds's First Global Retail Store Opens in Shanghai Angry Vivian Founder Rovio's world's first retail store opened in Shanghai, selling toys, clothing and other products. Since the game became popular in China, there have been 50 million downloads in China. Our clever and hard-working Chinese soon thought of applying this game to any place they could find such as clothing, toys, tea cups, etc. Incomparable welcome.

This time in TechCrunch's Beijing competition, Peter, Rovio's boss of the marketing department took a bunch of balloons, all of which were made by Chinese companies without authorization. After seeing this huge business opportunity (perhaps inspired by us), this company really hit the idea of ​​China. They vowed to be an angry bird company that would be Chinese than a Chinese company, for instance to attract Chinese players, they are developing Angry Birds games in the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their current plan is to reach $100 million in sales in the first year.

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