New age women should try different styles of women 's clothing , personality, ladies, simple, unique and so on. But the only thing you can not miss this summer is the print outfit. Fashion trend printing, from west to east, across the Pacific, are popular. In the best of age, wear the tide of clothing dedicated to their most beautiful years.

迪笛欧 - DIDIOU

A lush park, smell the fragrance, will make people feel the vitality of the summer. The pure colors of the white print shirts are popular outside this graduation season. Fresh print, set off a woman youth literary. With a white skirt, light texture, cool texture, suitable for all types of girls. With a pair of red high-heeled, 尽显 ladies temperament.

印花衫搭配半身裙 孔雀色连衣裙是什么样的

In the distance, like a peacock dancing. Peacock dress is to give people the feeling of light and elegant. Natural fresh print, to cater to this summer's fashion trends. High waist style, there are very good thin effect. Simple style, suitable for all types of girls. With wedge heels, extraordinary temperament.

Picture taken from: Di Diou Women

This sport cushioning insole is white and PU.

The weight of this sport insole is so light that you can hardly feel the weight increase if you put it in the shoe.

This PU sports insole is very soft. It feels good and has better elasticity.

This PU sports insole is designed with u-cup support for protection and anti-slip design at the bottom. Elastic gasket design at the bottom of the heel can better protect the foot during exercise.

Using the insole properly will not only comfort your feet but also extend the life of your insole. A clean insole will provide a better experience, so remove the insole before you go to bed at night and leave it in a well-ventilated area. Use it again the next day to get rid of odors and keep it dry.

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