Striped elements in this year's island wind played an important role, whether it is sexy or neutral it can be done, there are more people to wear it in large tracts. If you think it is just an embellishment that's wrong. The biggest advantage of stripes is that we can groom our body, let us together to meet the stripe inversion into the mainstream it!

Striped hit color dress -18332: romantic and beautiful

Striped contrast color stripe dress can give people leave a more unique personality impression, the upper body Slim shape play gentle workplace OL effect is not difficult, mix and match on a pair of bright color tube socks White high heels are very stylish feel.

尤加迪曼初夏条纹系列 一起迎接条纹逆袭成主流

Fashion striped T-shirt -62691: big summer splendor

Classic blue and white striped dovetail shirt, with a white pants, so you immediately have the aristocratic temperament, waist leather belt is the overall shape of a touch of bright colors. MM can boldly use light-colored high heels to brighten the overall shape.

Lady's Pants

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