In the spring and summer of 2015, 3D three-dimensional decorative elements appeared more and more frequently in fashion, and the methods were more diverse. Feather embroidered splicing, dense thread-sewing, gemstone beading, and other treatments that embody both craftsmanship and luxurious luxury are everywhere.

Knit Shorts/Leggings

Knit Pants,track pants, jogger pants in knit fabric, so it is very soft and it has good stretch , comfortable wearing. The fabric can be light or heavy. Light fabric for spring/summer, and heavy fabric for winter, warm body. The fabric composition can be polyester or cotton, or other fibers , some fabric also have special function like waterproof.We can offer our styles/designs or customer can offer their own product for us to copy.

Knit Shorts,Girls Knit Shorts,Men'S Knit Shorts,Women Knit Shorts

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