Ice jade is a good thing, and many people will like this kind of jade when they buy jade, and they will feel that this type of jade is more attractive in terms of quality and other aspects. However, many people go home after purchasing this type of jade and do not know how to carry out maintenance, so sometimes it is a very good ice type jade, but because of improper maintenance, the jade has a problem. For this reason, we may wish to take a look at the maintenance advice on ice jade, so as to get to know the relevant knowledge about jade.

One of the first things you need to know in the process of maintaining ice jade is that if it is an ice jade antique, it is generally not free to process. Why do you say this? If the antique type of ice jade is artificially processed, its value will be greatly reduced, and it is not an antique. Therefore, do not arbitrarily carry out post processing when maintaining ice jade antiques.


Ice jade must be kept away from corrosive objects and chemicals during storage. These things will hurt a lot of ice jade. Therefore, no matter whether you are placed somewhere or worn on your own body, ice jade can not be exposed to chemicals and some corrosive items, to avoid direct damage to jade.

Some friends may accidentally get dirty when wearing ice jade jewelry, and get dirty things. How should I clean this time? Some people will take the cleaning agent directly for cleaning. In fact, this is very wrong. why? There are some chemicals in the cleaning agent. These substances may not be visible to us. They do not feel any harm to the jade. But in fact, these substances are very harmful to the jade, so don’t do it during the process of cleaning the jade. Use a variety of cleaning agents to clean directly. Generally speaking, if there is only a little stain on the surface, you can wipe it gently with a clean towel and it will be fine.

What should I do if the ice jade jewelry is accidentally damaged during use? At this time, your best practice is to use the bonding repair method to deal with it, so that when you repair the jade, basically no problem. If you don't know how to deal with it, you can get a professional repair agency directly to ask professional technicians to help. They know how to repair professionally and quickly repair your jade products.

If your ice jade jewelry is used for a long time, then you need to pay attention to check it regularly for damage. If it is some ornaments, you need to check its lanyard for signs of damage. Appears, if the lanyard is damaged, the inlaid jade jewelry has looseness and needs to be repaired in time to avoid further damage.

Ice type jade, whether it is antiques or jewelry, must pay attention to the correct maintenance method during the maintenance process. If your maintenance method is not correct, then it will eventually have problems in the process of wearing and storing. This is the basic common sense. Usually, when you wear and save jade, you need to pay attention to it at all times. For example, if there are signs of damage, and if there are any problems, this is something we must pay attention to in order to avoid further damage. Then there was a big loss.

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