[China Glass Net] Problem 1: Coating defects coated film materials, if the surface coating is not strong, it will cause poor ink adhesion; and uncoated film materials often have poor bonding strength between the surface layer and the ink. , causing the ink to drop ink.


The surface layer varnish printing treatment is adopted to protect the surface layer of the ink to prevent the ink from being lost; the surface layer is treated by corona, and the surface corona dyne value of the material surface is not less than 38 mm/m, and the dyne value is lower than 36 mm. /m will directly affect the firmness of the printing ink; the primer on the top layer or the strong adhesion of the ink (the ratio is about 3%) can also improve the ink penetration of the film surface layer; some subsurfaces Synthetic paper materials are not suitable for inspection with 3M tape because of the paper coating properties of the surface coating.

Problem 2: Tension For the film material with corona-treated surface, good ink wetting is required. The dyne value usually needs to be more than 38mm/m. Below 36mm/m, it is easy to cause ink loss. At the same time, this material The Dyne value will gradually fade over time, and there will be printing problems. The essence of this problem is the tension problem.


On-line corona treatment with on-line corona function to improve the surface energy of film materials; intermittent printing machine can be used for surface primer treatment to improve surface printing adhesion; when the dyne value subsides When printing, it needs to be treated with corona, but the size of the dyne value does not fully represent the adhesion between the ink and the face material. Generally, the regression period of the dyne value is 3 months to 6 months, so it is recommended to try to Reduce long-term storage of stock materials.

Problem 3: The ink drying and tension printing ink layer is too thick to make the drying incomplete; the UV lamp energy is insufficient, the lamp tube is aging, the lamp tube reflector is aging, the UV lamp drying and curing is insufficient, the ink layer is not dry; the ink is excessively dried, resulting in material Deformation, forming an ink layer to fall off.

This problem of ink loss can be solved in the following three ways:

In the front, using deep ink thin printing, is commonly known as reducing the amount of ink, such as spot color ink, can be equipped with a deeper, less ink in the official printing, to achieve the sample effect, while increasing the UV lamp output power , reduce the printing speed, increase the exposure time of the UV lamp, and achieve the drying effect. This solution is suitable for old intermittent or satellite rotary machines and old UV lamp solutions.

Second, check the UV lamp for aging and clean the reflector. Usually, the life of domestic UV lamps is about 500-1000 hours, and the life of imported lamps is about 1000-2500 hours. For details, please refer to the actual use. It is recommended that the printing factory carry out the cleaning of the UV lamp every six months or so to ensure normal use.

Third, reduce the output power of the UV lamp. The specific operation is the printing work of the general printing factory. The color of the first few groups of the color sequence is mostly the standard or small characters. The required illumination is limited, and the UV lamp can be turned on and the light can be dried. It is not suitable for high-grade over-irradiation, because the film material absorbs limited heat energy, and excessive irradiation may cause the film material to be curled and deformed to become brittle, and the ink adhesion is reduced, etc., and the principle of using the high-grade UV lamp after the low-grade first can be followed.

Problem 4: The matching of ink and material The degree of matching between ink and material will also cause ink to some extent. For example, the use of ink molecules is too strong to form a uniform ink layer on the surface of the substrate material; or the use of ink models that exceed the shelf life or inferior domestic brand inks can cause ink to be printed off.


In the above situation, you can switch to inks that match the printing materials, such as film-specific inks and light-resistant and light-resistant inks (which can be consulted with ink manufacturers); for expired inks, you should first check before printing. Do printing tests, or print some simple text or small logo patterns, as well as some low-end products; print a large area of ​​the field and full version of the dot network cable pattern, it is recommended to use good brand, high adhesion ink (such as Hanghua ink, etc.).

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