The colorful colorful ring has a very long history in China. The jade fingers and agate rings that we often see in TV series are all kinds of colorful rings. Modern people also like to wear the colorful ring, and now the color ring is more colorful. However, wearing a colorful treasure ring is also very particular about it, the following small series will introduce you to the skills you need to master the colorful ring!

1, should coordinate with the clothing

The technique of how to correctly match different clothing and accessories is a problem that people have been discussing for a long time. It is true that some clothes and accessories will make you feel full of spirits, but the combination of clothing and accessories will become unbearable. Therefore, the first thing to master when wearing the colorful ring is the coordination with the costumes, mainly the color of the color and the color of the clothing. For the red clothes, it is best not to match the red and yellow gems. The choice of light sapphires will be even more Suitable, but pure white clothes are best not to wear a pure white transparent color ring, the two will cover each other's light.

2, should match the skin color

It is also very important to match the skin tone with the technique of wearing the color ring. Choosing the right color of the color ring may mask the defects of your skin color and make your hands look more beautiful. Generally speaking, Asian women are mainly yellow skin, but it is not excluded that they are especially white or dark. Women with white skin are suitable to wear bright color rings, like garnet, tourmaline, etc., and the skin is dark or If the skin is darker, you need to leave the gems that are too shiny, such as diamonds and pearls, because too strong contrast will make the skin more dark; while women with some reddish skin can choose when choosing the color ring. Light blue, light purple tones make your skin look fresher and cleaner.

3, using the color treasure to express different moods

Is it interesting to express your different moods with colorful rings of different colors? When you pay attention to the skills of wearing the colorful ring, you can also think of expressing your feelings through the colorful treasure. Like the deep blue color, it is rational and serious. You may want to quiet down and work hard when you wear a sapphire ring. The green gemstone ring gives you spring-like vitality, makes you feel the vitality and can show your character. The positive side; the pink gemstone ring has a romantic and dreamy feeling. Are you waiting for your favorite person to wear the pink crystal ring... By wearing different colors of the color ring, you can also let your friends around you Know you more!

Have you mastered the skills of wearing these three colorful rings in the above small series? The colorful ring of colorful rings adds a richer color to our lives. More and more people in modern times like to wear a gorgeous ring of colored rings on their fingers to reflect different charms.

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