At the end of the day, it is a place name in Xinjiang. It is located in the Bayan area of ​​Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. It is a famous place of production in Hetian Yushan.


For example, the Yanjia Pit was a mine built by the Tianjin people Qi Chunyu and the Shuguangtao brothers in the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. The jade is famous for its white color and lust; In the pit, the jade material has a chestnut-colored outer skin, and the internal color is white and moist; if the card is pitted on the end of the mountain, it is evenly divided by the white mouth, the green mouth and the yellow mouth of the jade material. Often with salt flash stars and people put it down.

In addition to the seed material, most of the Hetian jade on the market comes from the end.

And the end jade mainly includes: sugar sheep fat white jade, sugar jade, sheep fat white jade, white jade, sapphire, white jade, topaz, there are also a small number of good quality Gobi jade. And the last produced Hetian Yushan material accounts for 70% of the total output of Hetian jade in Xinjiang.

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