The first point is to look at the water head. As the saying goes, "Bangles are seen, and pendants are colored." The higher the transparency of the jade head, the stronger the ability to transmit visible light. Therefore, women will be more dazzling and more energetic when wearing a jade bracelet with a good head.

The second point is to look at the size. Bracelets do not require a strict size like a ring. The standard is the hardness of the human hand bone. As long as the bracelet can be over the palm of your hand, it is best to have a certain distance between the bracelet and the wrist. The inner diameter of the bracelet is generally divided into three types: the diameter of the small ring is 50~54 mm, the diameter of the standard ring is 55~57 mm, the diameter of the middle ring is 58-60 mm, and the diameter of the large ring is more than 60 mm.

The third point, look at the color. Although jade has many colors, it is mainly dominated by green and green. Green is different for different women. Older women can choose a darker bracelet to look more calm, while younger women should choose a good-looking bracelet to show their vitality. Therefore, when purchasing jade, you should not only choose your favorite style, but also pay attention to what kind of bracelet is suitable for you.

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