With economic development, rich life, fashion is no longer the exclusive nouns adults, children's fashion quietly onto the international T-Taiwan, into the international high-end magazine layout, derived from a series of "Little Lolita", "tide child ". International fashion brands closely follow the situation, have introduced children's clothing product line, interpretation of children's fashion. With the rapid rise of fashionable mothers after 80, the whirlwind of children's fashion is about to announce its advent. Brand children's clothing Ding Dong cat, to create belongs to the children's age most in fashion leisure. Ding Dong cat brand children's clothing, "Ding Dong Cat" from the Mediterranean Italian minimalist style, is designed for urban children aged 2-16 years and create. Product color, to close to nature-based, pure, elegant natural colors, combined with the material safety, comfort, diversity, to create a soft, vibrant, childlike world. To spiritual creativity, interpretation of the concept, to lead the style, express the urban children fashion, elegant side. Doraemon brand children's clothing winter fashion, is nothing more than both comfortable and warm fashion to become the focus, approached the Ding Dong cat is into the fashion world, Ding Dong cat, China Top Ten brand children's clothing, winter brings you a different move. Shanghai Lan Bo Star Children's Products Co., Ltd. - Ding Dong cat brands Domestic Operations Center: High-tech Zone, Shantou, Guangdong Science and Technology East Road on the 3rd Golden House Building, 8th Floor, National Advisory Hotline:,0754-8826657188465298 official microblogging : Http: //weibo.com/ddcatkids Ding Dong Cat Mall: http://ddcat.tmall.com official website:

Modern urbanite life rhythm accelerate, people demand for tableware also increased. For the practical function of tableware is more and more attention. Bamboo fiber Tableware, all the ingredients are natural environmental protection material, the use cycle finished product degradation process is simple, is advantageous to the improvement of soil, really back to nature. With the principle of "using supplemented, decoration" to carry on the design, modelling concise and easy, is quite popular among all kinds of people.


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