A passion flying in December, Kang Lanyi brand lingerie investment boom joined wave after wave of waves. Kang Luni Raoping Heng Sheng underwear to join the shop on December 2 grand opening, one after another rise mall stores, business channels opened up the comprehensive development of Kang Luni, Raoping Heng Sheng Kang Luni lingerie stores for the forward journey of renewal Tim brilliant!


(Kang Lui Raoping Hengsheng underwear franchise stores)

Opening day of the ceremony continued, all the full price of regular-priced products purchased over 100% discount of 7.5, purchase over 200 yuan 7 fold big discount, as long as the date of your shop add festivity customers have gifts gift!


(Kang Lui Raoping Hengsheng underwear store lighting)

The store goods are complete, including the underwear brand Kang Luni fashion bras, classic underwear, casual home service, the new thermal underwear, neat and orderly display in the Kang Lui Ni brand special shelves. Different styles, personality, fashion, health is the cultural characteristics of Kang Lanyi underwear brand, the price is reasonable, affordable has won the majority of consumers.


(Kang Lui Raoping Hengsheng underwear franchise store bra pictures)

Kanglui Lin underwear brand in accordance with the consumer tastes of women of all ages to design in line with the various regions, women of all ages style, function and size of the product to meet the needs of the majority of women in the market.


(Kang Lui Raoping Hengsheng underwear thermal underwear stores franchise series)

Kang Lanyi underwear brand has been keeping up with the pulse of fashion, with high-quality products and sincere service access to market recognition, has attracted the attention of many investment entrepreneurs. Kang Lui Ni for each franchisee to provide a full range of shop services and rationalization proposals, site selection, decoration design, shop training, management programs are free to provide, to ensure that investment entrepreneurs can easily smooth, quick shop profits, business dreams!

Kang Lu Ni is now a nationwide investment to join, want to know more about Kang Lu Ni, please call toll free number: or visit Kang Lu Ni underwear network for more information.

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