The garment industry stepped into the tide brand era If you don't know CLOT, MCM, VISVIM, Utsuki, Fujiwara, LALABOBO, Mouth Monkey, etc., it only means that you are really a houseman, and you are a houseman who doesn’t care about the network! If you don’t yet know “tidal brand” Two words, then surely OUT!

That's right, the tide brand era is coming. When the underground floor or the top floor of the mall is full of fashion colors, this level is a tidal wave file. It is not just tidal products that are sold by Tide Brands because they are not selling a single product but a trend culture!

Interpretation of the tidal brand, in the simplest terms can be defined as the trend of the brand, tidal brand trend is not exactly the same as fashion, the trend is more front-end than fashion, more niche. Tide brand is mostly worn for young people, such as VISVIM, MCM brand, the price is more expensive, Spain's ZARA more common prices are also low, another Spanish fast fashion brand VIISHOW is a tidal brand representative.

We can also look at some of the influx of people dressed in stars. The most typical is the most eye-catching Edison Chen. CLOT completely explained himself. Mayday AXIN participated in the design of STAYREAL, Pan Yibai and Li Chen cooperation NPC, Jolin Tsai endorsement of the US booming makeup (MIX-BOX), Zhao Chenhao global warm-brother founded the trend design studio HBUEntertainment, Luo Zhixiang's Stage and so on.

If you really don’t understand it, you’ll have to go to Beijing’s Oriental Xintiandi to watch IT. Tide brand and international big names are both fashion brands, but the biggest difference is that the performance of Tide brand and the fans are not as big as so many, so it also maintains the commonness of this part of people's love of independence.

In recent years, the rise of the Tide brand has actually demonstrated the cultural hunger of this era. Young people hope to find some cultural atmosphere to introduce themselves under the rendering of commercialism. This also determines that the promotion of the Tide brand is not so business-minded. Some Tide brands have even been dismissive of advertising for many years. Their founders are only interested in finding “the same kind”.

Tide brand is most concerned about the appearance. Is my cultural appearance acceptable? Is my fashion idea interpreted successfully? Is my fashion expression going ahead? Independent, individual, and niche vocabulary tend to show off in this ethnic group.

Last year, the domestic exhibition giant CHIC began to pay attention to the wave of brand control of this ethnic group, from October 26 to 28, CHIC trend brand exhibition (CHIC-YOUN *** OOD) will be held in Beijing 751D· PARK Fashion Design Plaza.

As the young blood of the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair - the CHIC trend brand exhibition brings together young consumers with unique insights and tastes, and it is gradually becoming an important source of influence on fashionable voices.

According to the organizers, in addition to welcoming well-known fashion brands at home and abroad, this exhibition is also very concerned about the original Chinese street fashion brands, cutting-edge designers and designer brands, and lifestyle brands. This fascinating exhibition attracted the attention of trendy fashion merchants, fashion buyers, teachers and students of professional colleges and fashion lovers, and gradually became an integrated platform for the promotion, exchange, and commerce of domestic and foreign fashionable personality brand resources. 2012 CHIC trend brand exhibition site, due to Havaianas Havana, sneakymob, VU Tide brand alliance, DEPOT3, Kimura Masaharu, Vanke, Design Gallery (Hong Kong Design Gallery), Paris TUDOO Fashion Planning Co., Ltd. and other brands and institutions to join, let Influxes are full of delusions.

The Tide brand era belongs to the 21st century. It is an era of self-expression and value. It is also an era when niche designers and independent designers are rising. They need platforms to show their ideas. appear……

This supply and demand, how to see is a virtuous cycle!

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