Fashion, is a popular season followed by another quarter of fashion; fashion, is a T station and then another T station. Women's fashion CHEZCOCO snow card , to lead the delicate life of women for the purpose, to create elegant female beauty, with a romantic atmosphere in France, the concept of its pursuit of exquisite life, off Kou fashion girl.


Wool knit cardigan, beads hand-hook up irregular distribution, exquisite shine, luxurious and generous!

CHEZCOCO雪蔻:打造优雅女性美  掀起蔻女郎时尚风潮

Net fly-shoulder design, coupled with the fashion elements in the classic style is a coat to become one of the fashion items!

It is designed for those modern women with a busy life style, promoting a positive, optimistic, elegant and energetic attitude to life. The clothing contains calm and confident culture, as well as the details of the pursuit of exquisite life.

At the same time in the last century, a company, specialized in faux fur research and development, was founded on the coast of the beautiful Tai Lake --- Wuxi Shuangda Plush Co., Ltd.

Faux Fur products are not only warm, easy care and diverse, but also greatly contribute to protecting animals and ecology for human beings.

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