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Buinour Women's Fashion Women 2012 New

Buinour Women's Fashion Women 2012 New

Company Profile Buinour 佰 奴 奴 Hui Nuo in the "comfortable work, beautiful life - Enjoy work Enjoy life" brand concept, 佰 Hui Nuo women's clothing has always been the pursuit of the trend of advocating fashion, 佰 Hui-nu fashion women's efforts for the 21st century intellectual Women create the perfect luxury, elegance and noble temperament of women. Hui Hui Nuo clothing target consumer is positioned in the 25-40 years old, high-quality, high self-cultivation, temperament unique intellectual urban women. To this end, the company invited French designers to join, Hui Hui Nunnery women's use of Japan, South Korea, Europe imported The fabrics, which are sculpted by Taiwan's experienced divisions, are carefully crafted to make our costumes a beautiful symbol. Buinour is an elegant, stylish and personal dress culture. From the perspective of fashion art, the distance between women and the United States is reduced. Hui Hui Nu is a lifestyle that exists in life and is designed for life.

Buinour joins the advantage to join free-The company provides comprehensive professional business analysis, store site selection and risk investment assessment.
---- Provide comprehensive quality management training, clerk, sales, display, after-sales service and so on.
---- Familiar with the market demand and high fashion sensitive elite design team, the top brand's technical strength and adequate supply, professional logistics system.
----The company adopts ERP system management to achieve zero inventory and zero risk investment.
---- Edition type sophisticated, fine workmanship, excellent fabrics, take the European and American fashion line, to meet the needs of the market women and aesthetics.

Buinour 加盟 奴 奴 奴 加盟 加盟 加盟 加盟 加盟 加盟 - 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求 要求.
---- Applicant must have a certain brand clothing experience, with extensive market maintenance, operating experience.
---- The area of ​​business venues is to be located in a prosperous commercial area, a shopping mall or shopping mall, and a shopping mall counter must not be less than 35 square meters, an edge hall no less than 50 square meters, and a street-front shop area not less than 40 square meters.
----The decoration of the shop is unified according to the image provided by the company.
----Comprehensively accept and recognize the conditions and operation methods of "Gui Hui Nu" and have a strong spirit of cooperation.

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