Ningbo Haishu District Li Heng Trade Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ningbo Bo Yang Garments Co., Ltd., was established in 1994. The company from the very beginning of the establishment of the Tang Lion "TOLION" casual wear, developed to the current Tang Lion "TOLION" casual wear, Ives "three ITISF4" casual wear, "33LAYER" women, De Mana women's, Waldorf Dan leisure clothes and other six major brands, including Tang Lion "TONLION" casual wear, has now established in the country nearly 500 sales outlets, the network throughout Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Harbin, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Jinan and other major cities in the country. Ives "three ITISF4" casual wear has also established more than 200 sales outlets. As the emerging development of "33LAYER" women's clothing, de Mana women's, casual shoes and other interested in the rapid growth of the rapid growth of the brand!

德玛纳 - [dmé]

De Mana brand is a solid step for the group company to walk along the road of brand diversification. From the very beginning of its establishment, brand companies made full use of abundant resources such as manpower, material resources and financial resources of Group Corporation to establish a development guideline that fits the fierce competition in the market. With management as the center of gravity, the Company shifted its procurement and production to the existing Production and technological advantages, there are cost advantages of the Pearl River Delta production base and the surrounding areas of Ningbo, increase design and information, design and sales, design and production, quality control, etc. aspects of communication and coordination. That is, the company first injected into the brand's design philosophy, and then through science, improve the management of the gradual promotion of the brand.

加盟德.玛纳品牌女装 分享品牌带来的优厚回报

De Mana brand located in 22 - 32-year-old urban fashion women, the pursuit of career success and the love of life, the pursuit of independence in the corner of the city, the attempt to something new. The pursuit of fashion and taste, enjoy life and happy to become an artist, De Mana - "tomorrow's woman - fashion fresh life experience"! De Mana people in the modesty, self-confidence, collaboration, dedication, professional, steady, low-key, progressive brand approach to progress!

Ningbo Bo Yang apparel company will continue along the professional brand promotion, social production, the franchisee road booming, invites you to share our achievements in development, and would like you to join the "de Mana" cause At the same time, continuous development and harvest! De Mana "" I believe, only the success of customers, will bring de Mana's success. De Mana "" growth can not be separated from the sincere cooperation and dedication support of business partners. Because De Mana is willing to own their own brand of market advantage as a platform for win-win cooperation with business partners to share the generous returns of the brand.

An animal fur made of edema, used as a clothing material. Commonly there are fox skin, suede, rabbit skin, sheep skin and wolf skin. The treated raw hide is taken from the big animal called hide or pelt, and is taken from the small animal called skin. Remove the feather called the leather, which is leather or tanned leather. Suede clothing has a long history in China. In the oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty, there have been pictographic characters that show "the hair is made outside." Our company has more than 20 years of production and export experience, and the quality of our products is much higher than the domestic level.

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