Kistler Collection: Natural Top Grade

Chinese people love stone, and there are also many stories that are triggered by stones. It is a long-standing history of stone culture.

The uncanny workmanship of nature has created various kinds of rocks. As a result, collectors also "crazy" together with the stones.

Kistler, generally refers to the natural formation of nature, carving, washing, stone unique, bright stone, fine stone, beautiful texture patterns, to meet people's curiosity or aesthetic needs, can be used to watch the collection of playing stone products. According to relevant statistics, at present, there are 95 kinds of ornamental stones in China, which can be classified into six categories: pictographic stone, texture stone, clear rock, biological fossil, mineral crystal, and craft stone.

Recently, the reporter learned from the city’s collection market that there were also many people who played stone in Datong.

Natural is the top grade At the time of the interview, a collection enthusiast told reporters that the collection of stones would be addictive, and that the collection of stones is mainly in the shape of stones. He said that some collectors like to collect natural landscape stones, some like to collect bonsai stones, while others like to collect pictographic stones. He said that in their circle there is a stone that has a lot of food-like products and can be made into a table.

The collector said to reporters that regardless of the type of stone he collects, the most crucial point is the naturalness of the stone. The stone is more important than its natural beauty. The value of the collection without artificial carving is even greater.

People who like to learn more about the shape of fun and love the stone, the value of the stone is the second, and what fascinates them most is the various shapes of the stone.

The famous Dongpo meat shaped stone and chicken shelling stone, vivid image, beautiful color, people have to lament this nature's uncanny work.

Therefore, for strange stone collectors, the shape or appearance of a strange stone may not be seen at a glance. Sometimes the more worthy of deeper understanding or understanding of the stone, the greater the value of its collection.

A stone to buy home to watch it for three or five days to see its peculiar place, and this is also the charm of the stone.

The culture is more than the value It is understood that as the stone appreciation culture continues to penetrate the hearts of the people, more and more people are shifting their investment collection goals to the Kistler area. With the gradual warming of the Kistler collection market, the phenomenon of bizarre stones has become increasingly serious. Collections should not only focus on the level of value, but also pay more attention to the cultural connotation.

Kistler is a valuable asset that nature has left us hard to reproduce. Kistler collections have been popular in China for a long time. Kistler culture with strange stones has been formed. Therefore, we must keep our eyes open when collecting, and we must also pay attention to quality while also re-culture.

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