MenSEye was founded in 1993 in Shenzhen, it is to capture the keen fashion of men, the deconstruction of popular trends, with a unique perspective to highlight personal taste. ● Business Series | FashionBusiness elegant, elegant style is the series of features. Suit suits, formal wear Sven shirt is the focus of this series of goods categories. With the wool-containing suit fabrics, high-cotton shirt fabrics highlight the fine details of the business class, dress shirt with a soft, changing color, with the traditional and popular collar design, with stylish self-cultivation suit, lined with exquisite Business accessories, so that elite men with a full complement of icing on the cake. With self-confidence, smart, elegant fashion appearance of every aspect of self. ● Urban Series | Urbancasual casual clothes to better meet the urban elite wear during leisure time needs. Men's Men's Fashion Men's T-shirt, cotton yarn shirt, sweaters, casual pants and other fashion yet wearing sexy clothing, through casual, comfortable with the way to be combined, enough for consumers to enjoy the weekday life, Sway self. ● fashion series | Popularstyle trendy fashion elements is the focus of this series, whether it is the choice of fabric, color, elemental design embodies the men's eye on the men's fashion world understanding and interpretation. Men's eyewear is also the core of innovative men's fashion brand series.

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