Oasis Mother's Day Happy courtesy

May 9 to May 11, OASIS national store 2014 spring and summer regular priced New 10% off (VIP members enjoy exclusive discount 88% off), and any consumer can receive a blessing card and a carnation soap flower, Mother love sweet, flowers convey, I wish the mother of the world Happy Mother's Day!

母爱馨香,花情传意—— OASIS母亲节臻情回馈

The origin of Mother's Day

Mother's Day first appeared in ancient Greece, and modern Mother's Day originated in the United States, is the second Sunday in May each year, 2014 Mother's Day is May 11.

Maternal love like water, warm and longest. Mother's Day has long been a festival of great concern and has become a special day for children to thank their mothers. Mothers usually receive carefully prepared gifts on this day, and carnations are considered Mother's Day flowers. People find ways to spend happy holidays with their mothers and thank them for their year-long hard work and unselfish love.


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