Unconsciously came in May, the temperature gradually rose to 30 +, the face of 30-degree weather should wear what kind of clothes more suitable? Man Luka fashion women to teach you. Marloca advocates a new life of freedom, beauty, health and sophistication. The terminal market is targeted at new women aged 20-40. It embodies the beautiful connotation of fashion with the times and advocates modern women's pursuit of romance and independence. , Positive and healthy lifestyle.

What to wear at 30 degrees: short-sleeved T + skirt

Comfortable 30-degree weather, whether short-sleeved T shirt or sleeveless vest can be controlled. Man Luka women's summer new white T-shirt, European root yarn lace jacquard cuffs to add sweet, with the Tibetan blue wave point skirts, add a touch of smart and refreshing, as early summer fashion breeze, refreshing.

What to wear at 30 degrees: sleeveless dress

Every summer, almost all dress debut. Man Luka summer new mint green dress, using this summer fashion trend of color and fine checkered elements, fashion is not outdated, small white lapels and skirt lace Lacy is even more pleasant, playing the relaxed and happy summer symphony.

30度穿什么衣服  5月穿衣搭配技巧

30 degrees to wear what clothes: personality Siamese pants

Siamese pants once again boarded the fashion stage since the previous two years, they have not retreated, revealing Card summer new piece pants, classic black and white color combination of simple hearty, handsome, lovely heart-shaped heart pattern add a more cordial , Changing a lively yet elegant geometric world, to create a full-fledged summer beats.

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