Process introduction - combing

Before the cotton, wool, and silk fibers are processed into a fabric, the process of removing the impurities and the short fibers in the fiber by a comber is called combing. The fabrics obtained through this process are greatly improved in texture, washing and durability compared with carded fabrics.

Combed Cotton - The comber removes the shorter fibers (about 1 cm or less) of the cotton fibers, leaving the longer and neat fibers. Popularly speaking, it is 95% cotton + 5% Lycra cotton.

The yarn from the combed cotton is finer and of better quality. Fabrics made from combed cotton yarns have a high level of quality in texture, washability and durability. Combed cotton refers to the process of adding delicate combing in the process of spinning, which is to comb the shorter fibers and remove the impurities in the cotton to make smooth yarn, which makes the cotton more tough and difficult. When the ball is raised, the quality of the cotton is more stable.

Combing and carding refer to the process of veil. The combed cotton yarn is smoother and smoother, and the surface of the fabric is flat and has no neps. The effect of dyeing is also good. The combed cotton cloth is dense, soft and firm. It is recommended to use both "watch" and "touch" methods to identify plain cotton and combed cotton. The former method is to put a single layer of cotton cloth on the hand, and after the light is irradiated, the combed cotton is very tight, and the hand shadow is not visible after the light transmission; on the contrary, the ordinary cotton cloth is not high enough, the contour of the hand It is faintly visible. As for the way of distinguishing by touch, it is actually whether the texture of the cotton cloth is soft and firm.

Dapu towel and woven bed products are all combed, the yarn used in the fabric is more uniform, smooth, the grain is clear, the surface is even, and the washing and durability are greatly improved.

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