MGB (Mabuchi) men's brand was founded in 1980, under the Hong Kong Wing Hang Garment Co., Ltd., China has become one of the most competitive men's wear brands. The product design of Fortezza del Campo has always been the top priority of the company and the source of the company. With dozens of senior fashion designers dozens of design innovation will continue to develop new products to meet the needs of different consumer age, color and style of emotional resonance, craftsmanship and details of flawless, the main Touch with the accessories on the heart, as impressed consumers to win magic. More than 200 kinds of new products every quarter, strong and rapid response, closely follow the international fashion, fully meet the needs of intellectual men! MGB products from the world's top all-imported fabrics, superb cutting technology, proven international style, each one single product Seiko secret agents, quality excellence!

The Baby Booties of JNPFOOTWEAR  are made of sheepskin. We choose the soft sheepskin leather for our baby booties, so it could be easy to wear.  

We have patch sheepskin leather baby booties and full pieces of sheepskin leather baby booties to meet different the requests of our clients. 

Feel free to let us know which kinds of sheepskin baby booties would you like, there might be something fit for your markets. And our developing teams also like to work with you for new styles of baby booties.

Baby Booties

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