Levi's jeans were first introduced and loved in 1873, the most successful, well-known and imitated apparel product in the history of apparel. After several generations of business efforts, Levi's jeans has deeply attracted fans of different ages, but also inspired their imagination, they often choose to buy jeans Levi's jeans. 2012 autumn and winter, Slim narrow-footed wave is still a trend, DUCK & DENIM series uses a large area of ​​brush color technology, with exquisite details, highlighting the bold style of young people and unruly fashion thinking. The fabric of every piece of Levi's jeans embodies social and corporate responsibility, and since 1853 this fabric has become the common language between us and the global community. As the creator of denim products, Levi's brand continues to write new definitions for jeans, as always, to provide customers with the most complete range of products, from the most classic works such as Levi's 501® Original Jeans to the popular style and style of Red TabTM and Premium series of fashion, all the essence of Levi's penetration.

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