Look at the streets of the major children's clothing store, fashion, personality, avant-garde children's clothing is like a reduced version of adult clothing, modern Miss children's clothing felt this, hoping to create a real girl can be elegant, sweet, temperament and other characteristics of clothing, Reproduce the new generation of girls should have the beauty and elegance. "Modern Miss" intentions to create a real girl in line with the fine temperament of the Chinese girl brand, focus on the fun of the elegant design is that we are different from other children's clothing brand most obvious features, in our eyes the Chinese girl is beautiful and unique, we To all the dreams of the little girl's clothing, all into real clothes to buy. The world of Missdemode is filled with the most romantic elements of butterfly, beautiful flowers, lace, dots and Peng Peng skirt, the theme of the design is "beautiful elf flying from the child's fantasy world", the fabric of the product, Most of the accessories imported from South Korea, exquisite tailoring, rigorous sewing process, and matching the same style of imported Korean jewelry, all hand-made, and strive to perfect. If you do not have a noble origin, then you must have a noble heart, because in the eyes of the world - "every girl is an angel!

Tencel fiber is comfortable as cotton, has toughness as polyester, beautiful as wool, cool soft touch as silk. Especially for the toughness, it is much better than cotton when the fabric is in wet. 

Tencel fiber is 100% natural material, which can be recycled in 99% and decomposed in earth. 

Tencel fiber is fit for mixed with cotton, polyester. The Blended Fabric always has good feature and stability, it is much suitable for garment and home-textile. 

Tencel Fabric

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