The summer night is hot and humid, and many people can't sleep well. It is very uncomfortable to turn around on the bed. If you reduce your sleep time, you will often feel bad. In fact, summer sleep is on average one hour less than other seasons. Home textile top ten brands Baodi Home Textile Sleep Consultant reminds you: do not sleep more than 12 o'clock in the evening, sleep in summer, out of date.

Breguet Home Textiles: Summer sleep is “out of date”

The characteristic of summer is that the night is short, the person sleeps early and gets up early, and the sleep time is relatively shortened, which is in line with the natural health-keeping principle. The weather is too hot, it is not easy to fall asleep, and it is delayed for half an hour or so before the usual sleep. In the morning, it is still from the usual time, or even half an hour early, has no effect on health.

However, it is not possible to delay the sleep time or even stay up late. "Outdated and not waiting" is the characteristic of people's sleep. If you don't fall asleep when you are sleepy, it will be difficult to fall asleep or even lose sleep after the best time.

Sleeping time in summer evening should not exceed 12 points. The person advocated by Chinese medicine practitioners must sleep at noon. The child is from 11:00 to 1 am the next day, and the afternoon is from 11:00 to 13:00 during the day. If the elderly can take a nap every day for a while, it is beneficial to health.

In summer, you should pay special attention to naps. At noon in the summer, the sun is shining, the most likely to cause people to hurt the summer, coupled with the short summer day, more need to add a white nap to eliminate fatigue, add energy. It is advisable to take a nap within half an hour.

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