In LACOSTE men are born mobile uphold this design concept, designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista devaluation launched a series of pocket easy to wear the necessary funds. Around the series of core design concepts, three themes came into being, each distinctive, and complement each other. Real value reflects the Essentiels series this season with unique design details of the basic models add luster. Small details bring big changes: stripe design is used in the Polo shirt and classic shirt collar; lint coat embroidered pockets and covered with suede leather. Plaid shirt and jacket shirts and other styles show the whole series is very fashion dynamic. Some subversion of the traditional coat is also full of rich modern flavor. Duck coat jacket collar collar design to do, and flannel trim, and snow Parker coat was followed by a clothing worn by the two popular elements, using a lamb velvet lining. The next intersection lights sprinkled on the cold concrete buildings. By the urban tone of the priming to bring the theme to the early autumn of late autumn, hot red and bright orange are integrated into the main colors of gray and beige: the collision of colors, clothes clearly clear lines, coupled with the introduction Eye-catching hood, the whole theme appears like a drawing. Wool, rabbit fur and silk fabrics and other noble fabrics, but also be cleverly integrated. Fashionable snow and ice hurdles to the first snow in the winter as the background, leads to the theme of retro skiing, tribute to the winter sports athletics. The LACOSTE brand is as classic as those representing athletes. This season, the classic snow scene was applied to the T-shirt, sweatshirts and sweaters joined the shoulder pads designed to arouse people's memories of the passing years. Retro design brings out a down jacket decorated with metal and velvet elements, coupled with a waterproof Parker coat for the men's series to bring a taste of the revival trend. These models are available in different dark colors to choose Hurricane Blue or Brown. The blue glaciers navy, bright yellow and dark green are very prominent in the theme of Ice Age. Using a contrasting approach to design: a softly colored jacket and a brightly colored sweater create a strong visual impact. In addition, some winter classic new interpretation, such as the hooded jacket add futuristic design elements. Exaggerated the zipper decorated a simple and neat lines, bringing out the future of the entire series design. In order to make the entire series more abundant, the pants of the fabric used double-thread woolen fabric, all with a sense of fashion.

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