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     Product Category: Mixed Rope, made of high strength polyester fiber and high strength polypropylene, which is also called "floating nylon", has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet light resistance, good anti-aging performance, good corrosion resistance to seawater, and strong wear resistance. There are 8- strand polyester/polypropylene mixed rope12- strands of polyester / polypropylene mixed rope, and 6- strands of polyamide monofilament/ nylon monofilament rope with better performance, polyester / Nylon Double Braided Rope, for ship equipping and repair, ocean transportation, Defense military industry, offshore oil, port operations and many other areas. 

     Our company is a relatively large rope manufacturer and wholesaler in China. Rich experience in rope manufacturing, looking forward to working with you!

8-strand Polyeste Polypropylene Mixed Rope

Polyamide Multifilament Nylon Monofilment 6-strand rope       

Mixed Rope

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