[China Glass Network] Abstract: In online marketing, most of the soft-text website promotion does not bring obvious effects. The main reason is that users cannot deeply understand and understand what your soft text says. This will not make the online marketing soft text become a behavior that guides users to generate consumption. In fact, the real soft text is not the ones who use their words to show their skills. Rather, it can be seen in the article, so that users can quickly understand and fully understand the soft text of the main meaning. A plain and soft text can also play a larger website promotion effect. However, many people who use the promotion of soft text websites often overlook the fact that soft texts actually require users to understand and cause conversion transactions.

A soft text with a high conversion rate must have a factor, which is a clear paragraph division. As we all know, no user is willing to go deep into an online marketing article that ends with only one paragraph, and no user likes to read a 599-word piece of text. No matter what kind of article, it is very important to divide the paragraph. Just like we often submit articles in A5 and the webmaster's house, the same article, clear paragraphs, and high-quality online marketing content can greatly improve the passage rate of the article.

After all, articles with clear paragraphs can be quickly read by the user, and will not affect the user's reading interest. According to the author, many of the soft text conversion rates are not high. The basic reason is that the paragraphs are unreasonable, and some even The long piece of content is directly divided into two paragraphs. Each paragraph has dozens of lines of text, which is densely packed. Who is interested in reading such an article? Let alone read it. Therefore, the paragraph division of the soft text is actually very important. The segmentation is segmented, and the period number of the period is such that the network marketing soft text has a certain appreciation value in appearance, so that it does not count from the number of words. It scares the user away, and the soft text with clear paragraphs is actually more likely to stimulate the user's reading interest. If you don't believe, you can collect an article and collect the data through different ways.

If the eye is the most important thing, it is not applicable in the promotion of soft papers. Although these are all learned in elementary school, how many of them will not return the knowledge to the primary school teachers? And using some uncommon or incomprehensible words to write soft text is a kind of website promotion error. When a user reads an article, he rarely gives you a look at the dictionary to translate the ancient meaning, usually it is to watch If you don't understand, you won't see it. Therefore, in my opinion, a high-conversion online marketing soft text must first use words accurately. Try not to use a lot of uncommon words or ancient sentences in the article in order to show off your own literary works. If you don't understand accurate modern words. The use of some synonyms can be used instead.

Just as there is a popular word, there is a word that can be used, which makes the article more vivid and also helps users understand. Another point is that when writing the article, pay attention to controlling the occurrence rate of typos. If a 500-word online marketing soft text has dozens of typos, then this article will not have much promotion effect even if it is easy to understand. A lot of typos directly affect the quality of the article. Moreover, how many typos articles can make users understand? So, let users read your website promotion articles, first use the words accurately, and also follow the articles. Easy to understand, easy for users to understand the key content.

In an article, whether it is a soft text or a normal article of shared experience, the importance of the title is self-evident. The same is the analysis of how to write the soft text to let the user understand, the title is very critical, for example, let's write two articles about the optimization of the internal chain of the website, one named can not be seen, the ten points of the optimization of the internal chain of the website And ten ways to optimize the inner chain in the website promotion optimization. Through these two titles, what information can you get from the user? The author first talks about the information he has obtained, first of all, the author reads the first article. Come, more is the composition of the title party, because such an online marketing title has lost its seriousness, and naturally, the impulse to see it has been reduced.

The second title is more moderate, but it is not difficult to see that it is quite straightforward. From the title, we can see that this article is about ten methods of internal chain optimization, giving people a more serious feeling. If it is you? What kind of information you can get in these two online marketing titles. Therefore, whether a title is good or bad, is in line with the user's reading habits, it is very important, and in the title writing, do not use the title that the user guessed, after all, most users like to look straight, and if you often let Users can guess the website through the title to promote the content, use it to get good results, but often use, who is free to guess with you? So, the title is written clearly, concise and easy to understand, it will also affect users. Reading interest, after all, even the title does not understand what it means, how can you be interested in the content?

Summary: In online marketing, the key to soft text is to understand that valuable soft text is not that it is good to write well, but also to see if the user can fully understand the meaning of the text and understand the mentioned Viewpoints and website promotion content, this is more important, after all, soft text is used to guide users to generate consumption, if you do not understand even reading, do not talk about generating consumer behavior.

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